Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone Imagine™

Experience a hearing solution tailored to you and created with close attention to detail.

  • A tailored sound experience that uses the uniqueness of your ear to deliver sounds exactly as nature intended.
  • Customized support and care that is right beside you every step of the way.
  • World-class connectivity features and technology, so you can always stay connected to what’s important.
  • All-new design, colors, and features to fit your lifestyle. Designed to suit you perfectly. Learn more about Beltone Imagine

Beltone Amaze™

Try on our most feature-rich hearing aids, and you’ll say it, too—that’s amazing!

  • Packed with cutting-edge features to give you the best hearing experience in every situation and environment
  • Provides a richer, clearer sound quality than any other hearing aid on the market
  • Connects with apps and devices to stream audio, adjust settings, and communicate with a hearing care professional
  • Comes in all hearing aid styles and is suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss

Beltone Trust™

Beltone Trust brings you a full-service experience you won’t find with other hearing aids. It is available in all hearing aid styles and right for all degrees of hearing loss.

  • Mimics how ears naturally process sounds and offers unmatched “situational awareness”
  • Streams sound from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and select Android devices—no adapter needed
  • Connects with apps to let you control sound or connect with your Beltone Hearing Care Practitioner for fine-tuning
  • Comes in all hearing aid styles and is suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss

Beltone Boost Ultra™

Our newest hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss is the industry’s most comprehensive hearing solution.

  • Enhances speech clarity wherever you go, so you stay connected with those who matter most
  • Connect directly to your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, Apple Watch® or the latest Android™ phone to stream calls and music to both ears
  • Connects with apps to put personal control at your fingertips and get adjustments on the fly
  • Comes in Behind-the-Ear style and is suitable for severe-to-profound hearing loss