Widex Unique 220 (FA) Hearing Aid


Widex UNIQUE lets your hear more sounds, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

  • Elegant yet powerful. FASHION offers you the power of a conventional hearing aid and the discretion of the smaller models combined with the absolute latest technology. FASHION also uses our EASYWEAR THIN TUBE ear mould solution, which means it sits perfectly in your ear and looks great.



  • Automatically adapts sounds for quiet, party or music settings.
  • User control to hear speech behind you.
  • Automatically softens unexpected sharp sounds.
  • Soft sounds and speech are heard clearly, including added features for profound loss.
  • Tinnitus management options with a suite of relaxing and soothing Zen Tones.
  • Minimal to severe-to-profound hearing losses.
  • U Platform with Sound Class Technology
  • WidexLink wireless connectivity
  •  InterEar functionality
  •  Multiple earware options incl. redesigned thintubes
  •  Power Saver III technology: Low current consumption

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