Widex Unique 50 (FA-P) Hearing Aid


If you have a severe hearing loss, a classic power hearing aid is a must. With UNIQUE™ FASHION POWER you get that as well as the great sound quality that Widex is famous for.




  • U Platform with Sound Class Technology
  • WidexLink wireless connectivity
  • InterEar functionality
  • Multiple earware options
  • Power Saver III technology: Low current consumption
  • The most powerful UNIQUE hearing aid
  • Long battery life
  • Wind reduction system
  • Automatically adapts sounds for quiet, party or music settings.
  • User control to hear speech behind you.
  • Automatically adapts to your environment in different listening situations.
  • Comfort in quiet and noisy situations.
  • Soft sounds and speech are heard clearly.
  • Tinnitus management option with one Zen program.
  • Voice alerts for easy hearing aid management.


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