Widex Unique 50 (FS-Z) Rechargeable Hearing Aid


What makes UNIQUE better than other similar hearing aids?

    • A wider sound picture – so you can hear both soft and loud sounds in comfort
    • The best wind noise reduction system available, so even in windy environments you can still hear speech
    • It detects your listening situation automatically and makes sure you hear the right sound at the right time in the right place
    • Widex UNIQUE lets your hear more sounds, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.
    • The FUSION model provides the ultimate in flexibility. Three different receivers, as well as various ear-tip and custom earmould options, means that FUSION can suit most types of hearing loss. FUSION also features a program button for volume and program selection



If you prefer a more stylish solution

  • Smaller Receiver-In-the-Canal device options
    providing surround sound listening.
  • Discreet Completely-In-the-Canal options.
  • Plus all the features of the price effective range.
  • UNIQUE hearing aid captures, purifies and processes sound like no other hearing aid.
  • UNIQUE hearing aids capture all the sounds you need, from the highs to the lows, from loud to very quiet. No other hearing aid can provide you with such a wide range of comfortable, audible sounds.
  • Only UNIQUE can reduce unwanted soft sounds while maintaining the useful ones. And when you’re outdoors, UNIQUE hearing aids significantly reduce wind noise.
  • UNIQUE hearing aids cleverly and quickly adapt automatically to any listening situation you find yourself in, no matter how complex. So you can hear more easily even in background noise.
  • UNIQUE is the fully-automatic solution to hearing loss. Put them on and enjoy all the sounds around you.
  • Make the most of every experience.
  • UNIQUE filters out the unwanted sounds – like the refrigerator’s humming – while still letting in whispers and other pleasant soft sounds.

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